Everything You Need is in One Place

Desk and Suite Rentals

Are you tired of working at home? Feeling distracted working at your local coffee shop? Come rent a space at ThinkSpace Executive Suites. We have a great selection of several office suites (all named after our favorite movies) in which you can rent out individual desks or the entire suite for whatever your business requires. Connect with us today to learn more information on how you can make one of our office suites your new place to work.

Virtual Office Options

During the pandemic, many people started businesses. That time being at home was also a time where tenured business owners transitioned their work from a physical office into a virtual one. We offer several packages for businesses who seek to use our services from home. Have a place to receive business mail and other important information. Give us a call to see which option would best fit your business.

What Makes Us Different?

A Home Away from Home

Here at ThinkSpace Executive Suites, we believe you should be comfortable while you work the day away! We are here to make sure that all of our fellow business partners can feel that this space is as much theirs as it is ours. We provide high-end comfortable furnishings, quality amenities that are a usable everyday, a great location, and a relaxing atmosphere. Rest assured knowing you can get your work done in our luxury suites without distractions.

Quality Offices

We take pride in our office spaces. All of our office suites are equipped with everything you need. Offices include 72" long Uplift adjustable desks, ergonomic executive chairs, Polycom Multimedia phones, and large view windows in each office. Don't stay in a stuffy office without the tools you need or a beautiful view. Contact us today to learn more information about our office rental spaces.


Location is everything! Our newest location is in the center of beautiful Oro Valley, known as one of the safest towns in Arizona! We are central to business and shopping districts as well as upscale restaurants. The surrounding areas have great selections from you to choose from in case you need to step out for a pick-me-up or take a break from work. Choose convenience and safety today by giving ThinkSpace Executive Suites a call!

Partners for You

At the end of the day, we provide all of these amenities and features so that you can complete your work and conduct business effectively. We are proud of our space and we want you to be too! Contact us to learn more information why ThinkSpace Executive Suites is the top choice for partnering with you for your business endeavors.